7 Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is essential for a comfortable home. But, what type of maintenance can you do to keep your system in top condition? To ensure your system is in optimal condition, there are seven preventive HVAC maintenance tasks you can do yourself. To start, check the thermostat settings and make sure they are correct. Additionally, inspect the ducts for any holes, leaks, or other sources of energy loss.

It is also important to check the condensate drain to ensure proper operation and prevent flooding. Cleaning all indoor air quality components, such as filters and humidifiers, will improve air quality and save you money in the long run. One of the most important preventive maintenance procedures you can perform yourself is to keep your air filters clean. The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system absorbs heat from the air, cools it, and then returns it to your home.

This should be your starting point when it comes to identifying an appropriate preventive plan for your air conditioning system. Dr. Kirby, who is also the deputy director of the North Carolina State Extension, emphasizes that a properly functioning air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air and keeps occupants comfortable. Regular maintenance is just as important for an air conditioning system as it is for a vehicle. While many people can handle basic day-to-day tasks, specialized people are needed to carry out thorough inspections of your air conditioning system. Regular verification by a professional of the power lines and of the structural integrity of the air conditioning components should prevent this from happening.

Regular maintenance can help you save a substantial sum of money, especially when it comes to HVAC systems, as they have much longer operating time than an average building system. Preventive maintenance is better than having to repair a broken HVAC system. While not everyone may be able to assess the complexity of their systems, a licensed HVAC company can give you an exact idea. The actual annual maintenance of an air conditioner requires experienced hands and should not be taken lightly, as there are several things that require careful calibration and testing. Doing common small jobs, such as changing an air filter, can extend the life of your air conditioning system. For example, workplace climate control systems can have a significantly longer runtime compared to those in the home.

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